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The UofC Programming Contest Control Centre is a tool for hosting an ACM ICPC-style programming contest on the web. Only a basic web browser (with cookies enabled) is required to access the contest system.

In order to participate in the running contest, you must have a valid team ID and password. If you do not have an ID and password, please contact the contest host to obtain one.

Contest Problems

Links to each of the contest problems can be found on the main page. Note that these links are only active once the contest has begun, and are accessible to the general public as well. The contest date and time (with time zone) is also posted on this page.

Contest Scoreboard

The "Scoreboard" navigation tab takes you to a page displaying the current, live standings of contest. This page is automatically refreshed every 5 minutes.

On the scoreboard, formally participating teams names are shown in emphasized bold type, while guest and ghost teams are shown in regular typeface. Only teams that have submitted solutions will be shown on the scoreboard.

A number appearing in a cell in the scoreboard indicates the number of minutes a team took to solve a particular problem. The number following a + sign indicates additional penalty minutes a team incurred. A negative number in parentheses incidates the number of failed attempts to solve a particular problem.

Submitting Solutions

The "Submissions" navigation tab will provide you with a form you can use to submit a solution to a problem. You must be logged in to the system with a valid team ID and password in order to submit your solutions.

In the Source field, choose the file which contains the source code for your solution. Please note that all the source code for any one solution must be contained within the same file! Be sure to select the correct language of the source, or you may receive a nasty compilation error. The accepted languages are currently C, C++, and Java.

Checking Submission Status

You will also be able to check the status of any solutions you submitted at the bottom of the "Submissions" page. If you are logged in to the system, a table displaying all submissions received from your team will automatically be shown. Checking the judge results of your submissions is important, as it can give you valuable information if your solution failed.

The various results for a submitted solution are listed below. Note that not all possible responses may be used by the judge for a particular contest.

  "Not Yet Judged"   The contest judge has yet to run your solution against the test data.
  "Accepted"   Your solution is correct.
  "Run-Time Error"   Execution of your solution on the test data resulted in a program crash or similar behaviour.
  "Time Limit Exceeded"   Your program failed to terminate within the allotted execution time.
  "Incorrect Output"   Execution of your solution on the test data does not produce the correct answer.
  "Presentation Error"   Your solution appears to produce the correct answer to the problem, but there is an error in the formatting, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, etc. of the output.
  "Compile Error"   Your program source fails to compile on the judge system using the compiler for the specified language.
  "Submission Error"   There was an unknown or unanticipated problem with your submission. Check that you are following the right conventions for formatting and uploading your source files, using the correct input/output, and that you are solving the right problem. It may be necessary to contact the contest host or judge if you cannot resolve the problem. You are not normally penalized for a submission error.

Contest or Problem Clarifications

The "Clarifications" navigation tab allows you to view any additional clarifications or information about the problems or the contest that the judge has posted. You may also use this page to submit a clarification request. It is important to check this page often during a contest, especially if you are having difficulties with a certain problem or the contest system.

Note that whenever a clarification is answered, it is answered for all teams to see. Clarifications are only intended to be used when there is some genuine inconsistency or ambiguity in a problem that needs to be resolved, or if certain special instructions for the contest are required but were omitted. It is not by any means a way for you to get the judge to explain a problem if you do not understand it.

Once you submit a clarification request, you will no longer be able to see it. Do not worry -- it has been saved! The clarification will only appear if and when the judge has chosen to answer it.

About the UCPCCC

The University of Calgary Programming Contest Control Centre was developed beginning in 2005 for the purpose of training the University of Calgary and other Canadian programming teams. It was designed as a super light-weight, easy to use, and universally accessible front end for running small programming contests.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the system, please contact the author, Sonny Chan, at The author would also like to thank Kelly Poon and Allan Hart for their contributions to the development of the contest system, and Chuong Do for providing a very nice automatic judging script back end.

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Copyright (c) 2005-2010 by Sonny Chan