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This is the first time in forever (not a Frozen (tm) reference) we aren't offering 309s (149s) as a class. But we are still sponsoring teams for the regionals! Goal is to get a team through to finals this year after coming very close last year

Important Links

Important Dates and proposed discussion sessions

  • 9/5: Duke Scrimmage (3 hrs)
  • 9/17: Waterloo Scrimmage (unconfirmed 3 hrs)
  • 9/24: ICPC North American Qualification Contest (5 hrs)
  • 10/3: Duke Scrimmage (3 hrs)
  • 10/10: Kevin PROBABLY back in town....discussion session
  • 10/29: Duke Scrimmage (5 hrs)
  • 10/31: Meeting to discuss logistics (mandatory for all contest participants)
  • 11/5: Mid atlantic regional contest. Takes place at duke. plan to be there from ~8am to ~6pm
  • 4/16: North American Invitational
  • 5/20-5/25: World Finals....in wonderful Rapid City, South Dakota!

Quick Questions

  • Do I have to attend every event to participate in regionals?
    • No. But if you plan to participate in regionals, we expect you to participate in the qualification contest. If there is some conflict with that, then talk to Kevin and we can work it out. We also expect everyone to be at the session on 10/31 to discuss logistics.
  • Will we have regular monday sessions?
    • I will be out of town until the second week of October. Until then, any discussion sessions will be based on interest. I am willing to set them up if there is interest. Once I'm back in town, we will have at least two: once soon after I get back to gather everyone together, and once the week before the contest. The other 1 or 2 weeks wil be based on interest.
  • Will there be pizza?
    • If a team qualifies for world finals, I guarantee there will be pizza. I will personally buy it if I have to.
  • Yes but what about the other weeks?
    • Ask OLA. If you can convince him to fund it, there will be pizza.
  • What about teams?
    • In case you didn't know (this is what I'd cover if I were in Durham!) contests comprise of teams of exactly 3 people (three is the number your team will comprise, and the size of your team will be three...no more no less. five is right out). If you have people in mind, get them on board! If you didn't have people in mind, we'll find you some new friends. We've never NOT had someone who couldn't compete but wanted to.

Current interest

Confirmed for Regionals


  • Samadwara
  • Tony
  • Xingyu


  • Patrick
  • Paul
  • ???


  • Alex
  • David
  • Jiawei

Needs Team

  • Daniel
  • Henry
  • Joyce
  • Hari
  • Hunter
  • Alexandru
  • Trung
  • Morton
  • Yuxiang



hi all,

You've all expressed (or confirmed participation) in the ICPC this fall. I've (mostly) put together the site for this semester:


Here you will find all sorts of information, dates, and links. Please take note of the couple of requirements in place. If you think you can meet those requirements (and are eligible per the rules https://icpc.baylor.edu/download/regionals/rules/EligibilityDecisionTree-2016.pdf ), please let me know soon so I can confirm that we register enough teams for the region. Note that once you are confirmed, we expect you to be there. As registration is not free, we do not want to register teams for people who will not compete! And further, if you can't make it, you've left two teammates without the ability to compete (teams of exactly 3). So please be sure before you confirm your participation to me.

For those of you who are just starting, take a look at the "getting started" page under important links. "Starting to practice" is probably what you'll want to know the most, but the other stuff there is probably useful. There is a lot of content and tutorials I will add to the wiki over time (or you can add if you want!)

For those of you who are NOT returning, review the concepts on the techniques and tutorials pages to see if there are gaps in your understanding that we should close. Over the coming days, I will put together a more comprehensive list of things that we should probably add to the notebook, much based on what we saw last year and in the spring. try to solve a couple problems to get your brain working again. Review problems we looked at last year to refresh your brain on the techniques we used to solve them (I've added descriptions to most online in case you forgot...)

For all people, our first scrimmage will be held one week from today. I think the time will be ~6-9, but that is not 100% certain yet. I will try to reserve a room in the link for next monday. I encourage you to work in teams if you already have them, or to make friends with someone else doing the scrimmage and forming a team! As always, you don't have to participate for the full time, but the more time you can spend, the better.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm sure you'll receive more communication from me sooner rather than later.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

First note: if you didn't get my first email, all emails will be archived at http://speedyguy17.info/wiki/index.php/Fall16

Our first scrimmage in preparation for the ICPC will be TOMORROW evening, labor day, from 6-9 pm. The URL will be: http://speedyguy17.info/icpc/scrimmage It is not live right now, but it will be by tomorrow. I will also leave it open until 11, in case you get caught up and want to do 5 hours.

If you have not used the test server before, you will need to email me so I can create a login for you.

Teams: Many of you already know who you are working with, and that's great. If you are participating, just use one of your logins. Those of you who are new and do NOT currently have a team are listed below (along with emails). If you are looking for someone to work with tomorrow, please email the group to find other like people who are looking for teammates. This won't necessarily be who you'll work with in regionals, but we aren't deciding that today. If for some reason we can't match teammates for tomorrow, that's fine, practicing by yourself is almost as good. Try to co-locate if you can! Torrent: Samadwara, tony, Xingyu The Bees: Alex, David, Jiawei Sunshine: Patrick, Paul, ???

Un-Teamed: Yuxiang He Morton Mo Trung Can Joyce Choi Hari Rajan Hunter Lee alex demian Daniel Chai Henry Tran

Rules: One computer per team. It would be great if my experienced teams followed this rule strictly, as computer time was something that needed work after last year, but if that is logistically difficult, feel free to do it so that only one person can use their own computer at any time to code, if you want to use it to look at problems, say.