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Contest of Thursday, January 01, 2015
19:45 to 12:45 EDT

Problem A - The Text Splitting
Problem B - HDD is Outdated Technology
Problem C - Replace To Make Regular Bracket Sequence
Problem D - The Union of k-segments
Problem E - Square root of permutation
Problem F - Simba on the circle
Problem G - Shotcube
Problem H - Erratic Ants
Problem I - Tiling a Grid With Dominoes
Problem J - The Dueling Philosophers Problem
Problem K - A Contesting Decision
Problem L - Which Way Do I Go?
Problem M - Choose Your Words Carefully
Problem N - A Round Peg in a Ground Hole
Problem O - Helping Florida
Problem P - Three Sides Make a Triangle
Problem Q - High and Dry
Problem R - Reverse Roman Notation

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