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Contest of Thursday, January 01, 2015
19:45 to 12:45 EDT

Problem A - Continued Fractions
Problem B - A Cure for the Common Code
Problem C - Domiyahtzee
Problem D - Generalized Roman Numerals
Problem E - Inspectors
Problem F - Path of Least Persistence
Problem G - Speed Skills
Problem H - Time Warp
Problem I - Watch Man
Problem J - Cut It Out
Problem K - Flip It
Problem L - Maze
Problem M - Photo Shoot
Problem N - Polar Bear
Problem O - Pro Test Voting
Problem P - Vampires
Problem Q - We've Got Chemistry, Babe
Problem R - More Multiplication
Problem S - Fun House
Problem T - Lexicography
Problem U - The Leprechaun Hunt
Problem V - Word Cloud
Problem W - The Maze Makers
Problem X - Reverse Rot
Problem Y - Shrine Maintenance
Problem Z - Wet tiles
Problem AA - Welcome Party
Problem AB - Round Robin
Problem AC - Missing Pages
Problem AD - Probability Paradox
Problem AE - Letter Cubes
Problem AF - Digit Sum
Problem AG - Cash Cow
Problem AH - Sort Me
Problem AI - Pythagoras' Revenge
Problem AJ - Digit Solitaire
Problem AK - Any Way You Slice It
Problem AL - Is the Name of This Problem
Problem AM - The Mark of a Wizard
Problem AN - LRU Cache
Problem AO - Jugglefest
Problem AP - Bounce
Problem AQ - Judges' Time Calculation
Problem AR - Mad Scientist
Problem AS - Voting
Problem AT - Queen Collision
Problem AU - Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Problem AV - Top This
Problem AW - Quick Search
Problem AX - Image Compression
Problem AY - Egyptian Fractions
Problem AZ - Faculty Dividing Powers
Problem BA - Genetic Fraud
Problem BB - Indiana Jones and the lost Soccer Cup
Problem BC - Magic Star
Problem BD - Magical Crafting
Problem BE - My Brother's Diary
Problem BF - Security Zone
Problem BG - Sightseeing
Problem BH - suiting Weavers
Problem BI - Time to Live
Problem BJ - Arithmetically Challenged
Problem BK - Cover Up
Problem BL - Decompressing in a GIF
Problem BM - Flipper
Problem BN - The Flood
Problem BO - Here's a Product Which Will Make You Tensor
Problem BP - Trip the Lights Fantastic
Problem BQ - Windows
Problem BR - Quite a Problem
Problem BS - Multi Touch Gesture Classification
Problem BT - Stacking Cury Blocks
Problem BU - Unicycle Counting
Problem BV - Choosing Numbers
Problem BW - Loopy Transit
Problem BX - Hitting the Targets
Problem BY - Texas Summers
Problem BZ - Out of Context
Problem CA - Maze Movement
Problem CB - Ragged Right
Problem CC - String Game
Problem CD - One Way Roads
Problem CE - Power Eggs
Problem CF - Landlocked
Problem CG - Jug Hard
Problem CH - Parlay Wagering
Problem CI - Close Enough Computations
Problem CJ - Positive Con Sequences
Problem CK - Refract Facts
Problem CL - Hounded by Indecision
Problem CM - Avoiding an Arrgument
Problem CN - Kinfolk
Problem CO - Of the Children
Problem CP - Talking About Number
Problem CQ - The Scheming Gardener

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